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The European Smash community has been active for over two decades. It's made up of a grassroots scene fragmented into various communities. SmashEurope was launched in January of 2015 as central hub into this community.

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Melee | "Brawl"

Somnio V Banner

Somnio V

Hosted during the Eindhoven Game Festival by established organizers in the Dutch Melee scene Somnio 5 offers singles and doubles competitions for Melee and "Brawl" with a capacity for 224 players.

April 6th, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Ultimate | Melee

Invasion 2024 Banner

Invasion 2024

Europe's premier Spring major returns for 2 days with competitions for Ultimate and Melee, a total capacity for 512 players, an all Bo5 singles bracket and many social events. Some staff of Fête is involved with running the Melee portion while Ultimate is ran by Team Regen.

April 13th-14th, Birmingham, England

Ultimate | Melee

NRW CUP 2024 Banner

NRW CUP - Rise of Germany

NRW CUP scales up significantly with room for 400 attendees for Ultimate and 64 for Melee, offering 100 setups for Ultimate and over 20 setups for Melee all taking place in 1000 m2 of space.

April 20th-21st, Dortmund, Germany

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Swiss Dome Banner

Swiss Dome

Brought to you by the TOs of GamingHotel, Orcus and Smash Contest: DoKomi comes Switzerland's biggest Smash event yet with a capacity for 400 players in a space of 680 m2 housing 70+ available setups. There's competitions for Singles, Doubles and an Amateur bracket.

July 6th-7th, Basel, Switzerland

Melee | Ultimate

Smash Sauna 2024 Banner

Smash Sauna 2024

Tr3 Gamers, Smash Finland, and Biiruken present to you the third in-person Smash Sauna which aims to be the biggest held in Finland yet! There's singles and doubles events for Melee and Ultimate and a sauna a mere 300 meters from the venue where the after party will be held.

July 26th-27th, Tampere, Finland


Icarus 2024 Banner

Icarus 2024

Situated in the heart of Bologna this Italian Smash Bros. Ultimate major is hosted in the prestigious Royal Carlton Hotel with 800 m2 spread over 2 convention rooms. Aside from regular singles and doubles competitions there's a community area, an arcade room and much more!

July 27th-28th, Bologna, Italy


Festa 2024 Banner

Festa 2024

A Melee experience unlike anything you've ever seen before 🌴 FESTA is a seven day event with the community in focus, packed with activities, gaming and relaxation. The venue? An island in the Stockholm archipelago. Caught your attention?

August 11th-17th, Grinda, Sweden


Regen 2024 Banner

Regen 2024

The Summertime main-event returns with an upgrade. A 3 day major hosted in Leicester, all Bo5 singles, a capacity of 1024, a line up of global top players in attendance and many social events.

August 23rd-25th, Leicester, England

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SAPF Banner


The first German Melee major since Awakening 5, back in 2019, features top talent from Europe and beyond with competitions for Singles, Doubles and Crews in 800 m2 of space and over 60 setups for a capacity of 256 competitors.

November 1st-3rd, Hanover, Germany

Past joined community initiatives

The S.A.M.E Circuit 2021

Times had changed but we were
S till. A rranging. M elee. E vents.

In 2021 a collective of 11 premier European TO teams joined forces under the S.A.M.E Circuit to give an online taste of some the best that European Melee could still offer (under the COVID-19 pandemic regulations). The circuit consisted of 9 online major qualifier events each offering Singles, Teams and International Crews. Competitors earned points in order to qualify for the circuit Finale where coveted prizes could be earned.

S.A.M.E circuit partnered with Beyond The Summit and was streamed entirely on their Twitch Channel. In return funds were given to production and two invites to Smash Summits could be earned. Additional partners included Kone's Academy which offered free coaching trials to placement in the amateur brackets, Metafy which offered a prizepool for the Finale and Poilon Software which provided the circuit ranking website.

The European Smash Circuit 2015

The European Smash Circuit 2015 was a tournament circuit consisting of seven European tournaments: HFLAN Melee Edition, Heir II the Throne, Helix, Avalon M, Eclipse, Òssom Fights 2015, and B.E.A.S.T 6.

The circuit featured a points-based ranking system based on performance in each tournament. Fifteen percent of the prize pool from each tournament went toward a final prize pool, which was paid out to the top 3 points earners.

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